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Avoid State Takeover

It will take a concerted effort on multiple fronts to avoid a state-takeover of CCS. I believe that increasing intervention specialists in K-3 will significantly improve the passage rate of on the 3 rd Grade Reading Guarantee. Supplementing the current K-3 literacy-based curriculum with systematic phonics instruction is another strategy that would lead to almost immediate increases in 3rd grade test scores.

Fight Against Oppressive State Testing

The current state of ODE-mandated testing is entirely unacceptable. I believe school boards across the state should join forces with the teachers’ unions and leverage their joint political power to accomplish necessary reform. CCS, as the state’s largest school district, should lead this effort.

Bring Successful Practices to Scale

There are many success stories throughout CCS, but we have not been successful bringing the strategies that we know work to scale. We cannot afford to fail to replicate our successes or to do so at only an incremental rate. For example, restorative justice practices need to be immediately implemented across the district. The same with mindfulness practices. We know these programs work and we need to get them in every school.

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