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Why I Am Running : 


In July 2020, our Board came to the realization that our behavior needed to change first.  

We needed to establish-- with absolute clarity -- our community's vision for our

children because otherwise 'when everything is important nothing is important.'

So in April 2021, our board adopted Goals and Guardrails.

Now our district & community have

clarity that the most important student outcomes are


      ~~ Reading by 3rd Grade

       ~~ Graduation

       ~~ Our Portrait of a Graduate



                                   The Board has started down a path of progress monitoring                                                          accountability. It is critical

                                         that we continue

                                         this  behavior change

                                         I am running  to ensure 

                                         that we  do so.





I am also running because we need to implement a facility plan that 

    ~~Expands and decentralizes career tech

     ~~Ensures equitable access to high quality extracurricular and educational programs 

     ~~Remedies the state of disrepair of some of our buildings

During my first term I have learned much and established genuine, productive relationships with colleagues, district staff and community leaders. I am well-positioned to advance these critical initiatives which are necessary to ensure our children are prepared for success in our ever-changing world.  

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